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The terms in the above image are typically used to describe the various parts of a metal plate connected wood truss. The truss profile, span, heel height, overall height, overhang and web configuration depend on specific design conditions and will vary by application.

We will design to suit your needs!

Here are some definitions of common roof truss terms:

  • Bottom Cord - The main member of a truss running along its lower side between supports and usually carrying combined tension and bending.
  • Cantilever - The condition where top and bottom chords extend beyond a support with no bearing at the extended portion.
  • Clear Span - Horizontal measurement between the inside faces of the bearing supports.
  • Heel - The point on a truss at which the top and bottom chords intersect, usually occurring at support.
  • Level Return - A horizontal member of the truss running from the end of the overhang back to the outside of the wall to form a soffit.
  • Nominal Span - Horizontal distance between outside edges of supports.
  • Overall Truss Length - The horizontal length of truss including the cantilever, but not the overhang.
  • Overhang - The extension of a top or bottom chord of a truss beyond a support.
  • Panel Point - A point at which one or more web members intersect the top or bottom chord.
  • Panel Length - The centerline distance measured horizontally between two panel points.
  • Peak - The point on a truss where the sloping top chords meet.
  • Pitch - The inches, or fraction thereof, of vertical rise in 12 inches of horizontal run for inclined members. Usually expressed as 4/12, 8/12, etc.
  • Purlin - Horizontal member placed between two main load carrying structural members. They can be used as spacers carrying decking or roofing materials and providing some lateral support for the main members.
  • Slope - See Pitch.
  • Top Chord - Main member of a truss running along its upperside supporting the decking and usually carrying combined compression and bending.
  • Webs - Members that connect top and bottom chords together forming triangular openings to give truss action and usually carrying compression or tension forces.

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